Frequently Asked Questions
Will my insurance cover the services?
Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurances cover skilled home healthcare,
however each policy is different.  Some may require preauthorization of services
or co-pays or limit the number of home visits.  Nearly all insurances require that
you meet homebound criteria, similar to Medicare, to be eligible for home
healthcare.  Abbott Home Care Inc. has insurance specialists that can call your
insurance company to determine the specifics of your policy.  Most insurance
companies will not pay for personal care attendants.

Payments & Insurance
Skilled services for home health patients are typically covered by the patient's
insurance plan with some plans requiring co-pays or deductibles.  Our staff works
with the patient's insurance company to verify benefits and arrange payment.

Does my doctor have to order homecare?
Yes, physician orders are required for skilled homecare: nurses, therapists or
home health aides.

How often will you come to my home?
The frequency of visits will depend on patient needs and the physician orders.  A
plan of care is written and discussed with the patient on admission.  Usually visits
range from 1-3 times a week, but this range varies with each individual patient.

How soon will the services start?
Services usually start within 48 hours of Abbott Home Care Inc's receipt of the
physician's order for homecare services unless a specific date has been
requested by the ordering physician.